Bijan Robinson’s FULL 2023 NFL Scouting Combine On Field Workout




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Today, we have the exciting opportunity to witness Bijan Robinson’s FULL 2023 NFL Scouting Combine On Field Workout. In this video presented by NFL, you’ll be able to see Robinson, the number one running back on DJ’s board, showcase his incredible athleticism and skills. From his impressive vertical jump of 37 inches to his smooth and fluid movements on the field, Robinson proves why he is a top prospect. As you watch him go through the drills, you’ll notice his natural hands and quick feet, highlighting his exceptional talent. With a 40-yard dash time in the four fours and superb agility, Robinson leaves a lasting impression. No matter the hurdles he faces, he remains focused and dedicated to his craft. With such remarkable performances, it’s no wonder that teams will be vying to have Bijan Robinson on their roster. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary display of talent!

Bijan Robinson’s FULL 2023 NFL Scouting Combine On Field Workout

Vertical Jump

One of the standout moments from Bijan Robinson’s 2023 NFL Scouting Combine on-field workout was his exceptional vertical jump. As a running back, having explosive leaping abilities is crucial for many aspects of the game, such as hurdling defenders or extending for catches. Robinson effortlessly soared through the air, showcasing remarkable leg power and athleticism.

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First Rep

During his first vertical jump rep, Robinson displayed tremendous explosiveness off the ground. With a swift and fluid motion, he effortlessly propelled himself upwards, reaching an impressive height. This initial rep set the tone for the rest of his performance, leaving spectators and scouts in awe of his natural leaping ability.

Smooth and Fluent

Throughout his entire vertical jump series, Robinson’s movements were incredibly smooth and fluent. He transitioned effortlessly from the dip into the jump phase, maintaining excellent body control and balance. Even in the midst of explosive jumps, his landing was remarkably controlled, further highlighting his exceptional athleticism.

Natural Hands

Though the vertical jump primarily showcases an athlete’s lower body strength, Robinson’s natural hands were also on full display. As he elevated in the air, he effortlessly caught and secured the football with his hands, displaying great hand-eye coordination. This ability to control the football mid-air is a testament to his exceptional catching skills, boosting his versatility as a running back.

GPS Numbers

Robinson’s GPS numbers provided further evidence of his impressive performance during the vertical jump. His peak height was measured at an astounding 40 inches, placing him among the top performers in his position group. These numbers serve as a testament to his explosive power and potential impact as a dynamic playmaker on the field.

Speed and Agility

While the vertical jump focused on his leaping ability, Robinson’s speed and agility were equally impressive during the combine workout. His initial burst when accelerating showcased his explosive speed off the line of scrimmage. The fluidity of his cuts and change of direction further demonstrated his agility and ability to navigate through tight spaces on the field.

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Burst of Speed

One of the significant highlights of Robinson’s on-field workout was his burst of speed during various drills. Whether it was accelerating through the line of scrimmage or exploding out of cuts, he consistently displayed an exceptional burst, leaving defenders in his wake. This acceleration and burst of speed give him a distinctive advantage when it comes to breaking away from defenders and gaining extra yardage.

Comparison to Edgerrin James

Robinson’s skill set and on-field performance drew comparisons to the legendary running back, Edgerrin James. Like James, Robinson possesses a unique combination of strength, agility, and explosive speed. Both athletes have the ability to not only power through defenders but also make quick cuts and changes in direction. Robinson’s remarkable display at the combine has solidified the notion that he has the potential to emulate the success of James at the NFL level.

200 Yards Traveled

During the speed and agility drills, Robinson covered an impressive distance of 200 yards in a variety of movements. From sprints to shuttle runs, his speed and ability to cover ground efficiently were remarkable. This level of endurance and stamina further enhances his value as a running back, as he has the capacity to consistently contribute throughout the course of a game.

Catching Ability

In addition to his running skills, Robinson also showcased his exceptional catching ability during the combine workout. Throughout the drills and on-field simulations, he consistently displayed soft hands and precise ball control. Whether it was catching passes out of the backfield or running routes as a receiver, Robinson’s reliable hands make him a threat in the passing game as well.

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Overall, Bijan Robinson’s full 2023 NFL Scouting Combine on-field workout was nothing short of spectacular. His vertical jump, speed, agility, and catching ability showcased his versatility and potential impact as a multi-dimensional playmaker. With the ability to explode off the ground, accelerate with tremendous burst, and contribute in the passing game, Robinson has undoubtedly solidified himself as a top prospect in the upcoming draft. NFL teams will undoubtedly be eager to add his unique skill set and exceptional athleticism to their rosters.

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