What City Doesn’t Have A NFL Team?




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Cities with NFL Teams

Major markets with NFL teams

When it comes to the cities with NFL teams, there are several major markets that stand out. These cities not only have successful football teams but also boast large populations and thriving economies. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are among the major markets that have NFL teams.

New York is home to both the New York Giants and the New York Jets. The Giants have a rich history in the NFL, with a total of four Super Bowl wins. The Jets, on the other hand, have had their fair share of ups and downs but still maintain a strong fan base.

Los Angeles is another major market that recently regained an NFL team. After a two-decade absence, the Los Angeles Rams returned to their hometown in 2016. The city also welcomes the Los Angeles Chargers, who relocated from San Diego in the same year.

Chicago has long been a football city, with a passionate fan base supporting the Chicago Bears. The Bears have a storied history in the NFL, including a memorable Super Bowl win in 1985. The team continues to be a beloved part of the Windy City.

These major markets not only provide a home for successful NFL teams, but they also contribute significantly to the overall popularity and financial success of the league.

Smaller markets with NFL teams

While major markets dominate the NFL landscape, there are also several smaller markets that have NFL teams. These cities may not have the same population or economic power as their larger counterparts, but they still offer a dedicated fan base and a love for the game.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin, for example, is home to the Green Bay Packers. The Packers are unique in that they are a community-owned team, with fans holding shares of stock in the organization. The team’s success and the bond between the community and the Packers make Green Bay a special place for football enthusiasts.

Buffalo, New York, is another smaller market that proudly supports its NFL team, the Buffalo Bills. Despite not having a Super Bowl win to their name, the Bills have a passionate fan base known as the “Bills Mafia.” The team’s loyal supporters fill the stadium year after year, creating an electric atmosphere at every game.

These smaller markets demonstrate that NFL teams can thrive even in cities that may not be considered major markets. The dedication of these communities and their fans is a testament to the enduring popularity of the sport.

What City Doesnt Have A NFL Team?

Cities without NFL Teams

Potential cities for future NFL teams

As the NFL continues to grow in popularity, there is always speculation about potential expansion or relocation to new cities. Several cities have been mentioned as potential future homes for NFL teams due to their market size, fan base, and infrastructure.

One city that frequently comes up in discussions about potential future NFL teams is Los Angeles. After a two-decade absence, the city regained an NFL team in 2016 with the return of the Los Angeles Rams. However, some believe that there is room for another team in the market, considering the city’s population and love for football.

San Diego is another city that NFL fans often mention as a possible home for a future team. The city lost their NFL team, the San Diego Chargers, when they relocated to Los Angeles. However, San Diego has a strong football culture and a history of supporting the Chargers, making it a viable candidate for a future franchise.

Portland, Oregon, has also been mentioned as a potential city for an NFL team. With its passionate sports fans and growing population, Portland could provide a new market for the league. The city already has a successful NBA team, the Portland Trail Blazers, and adding an NFL team could further enhance its sports scene.

Toronto, Canada, is often brought up as a potential international expansion city for the NFL. The city has a large population and a strong following for other sports, such as ice hockey and basketball. Bringing an NFL team to Toronto could further tap into the Canadian market and expand the league’s global reach.

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Lastly, London, England, has been the subject of discussion regarding potential international expansion for the NFL. The league has been hosting regular-season games in London since 2007, which has garnered significant interest and support from British fans. Although logistical challenges exist, such as travel distances and time differences, the possibility of a London-based NFL team remains an intriguing prospect.

Cities that had NFL teams in the past but no longer do

Throughout NFL history, there have been instances where teams have relocated or disbanded, leaving cities without an NFL presence. Several cities have experienced the departure of their football teams, leaving a void in their sports culture.

Cleveland, Ohio, is one such city that endured the loss of its NFL team, the Cleveland Browns. In 1995, the Browns relocated to Baltimore and became the Ravens. However, the city’s football passion never faltered, leading to the creation of a new Browns franchise in 1999. The return of the Browns brought joy and excitement back to Cleveland’s football-loving community.

St. Louis, Missouri, also saw the departure of its NFL team, the St. Louis Rams. After the 2015 season, the Rams relocated back to Los Angeles, leaving St. Louis without an NFL team. The loss was felt by the city and its fans, who had supported the team for over two decades.

San Diego, California, experienced a similar situation when the San Diego Chargers relocated to Los Angeles in 2017. The Chargers had been a part of San Diego’s sports fabric for over 50 years, and their departure left a void in the city’s football culture. San Diego has since been without an NFL team, but the love for football remains strong in the community.

Cities that have never had an NFL team

While the NFL has established a presence in many cities across the United States, there are still some cities that have never had an NFL team. These cities may have successful college football programs or a passionate fan base for other sports, but they have yet to host an NFL franchise.

Orlando, Florida, is one such city that has not had an NFL team. Despite being a popular tourist destination and having a strong sports culture, including the NBA’s Orlando Magic, the city has yet to attract an NFL franchise. However, with its growing population and favorable climate, Orlando remains a potential candidate for future expansion or relocation.

Portland, Oregon, mentioned earlier as a potential city for a future NFL team, falls into this category as well. The city has a strong soccer following, with the Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer enjoying a devoted fan base. Adding an NFL team to the mix could further solidify Portland’s sports landscape.

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San Antonio, Texas, is another city that has yet to secure an NFL team. Despite being a football-crazy state, with the Dallas Cowboys holding a significant presence, San Antonio has not been able to attract an NFL franchise. However, the city’s large population and passionate sports culture make it an enticing candidate for future expansion or relocation.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has a rich sports tradition, particularly in college football with the University of Oklahoma. However, the city has not been able to establish an NFL team of its own. The success of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder demonstrates the potential for a passionate fan base in the city, making it an intriguing option for future NFL expansion.

Salt Lake City, Utah, is known for its love of winter sports, particularly skiing, but has yet to host an NFL team. The city has a strong following for the NBA’s Utah Jazz, and adding an NFL team could further ignite the passion of its sports-loving community. With its picturesque setting and supportive fans, Salt Lake City presents an attractive possibility for future NFL expansion.

What City Doesnt Have A NFL Team?


In conclusion, the NFL has a presence in both major and smaller markets across the United States. Major markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago not only have successful NFL teams but also contribute significantly to the league’s popularity and financial success. Smaller markets like Green Bay and Buffalo demonstrate the enduring passion of fans in communities that may not have the same population or economic power as larger cities.

While there are cities without NFL teams, there are also potential candidates for future franchise locations. Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Toronto, and even London have been mentioned as potential cities for future NFL teams. These cities offer market size, fan base, and infrastructure that could support the growth of the league.

Additionally, there are cities that have had NFL teams in the past but no longer do. Cleveland, St. Louis, and San Diego have experienced the loss of their football teams, but the passion for football in these cities remains strong. Lastly, there are cities that have never had an NFL team, such as Orlando, Portland, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Salt Lake City. These cities present opportunities for future expansion or relocation and have the potential to become vibrant NFL communities.

Overall, the NFL continues to evolve and expand, with cities across the United States and even internationally vying for the opportunity to host an NFL team. The passion and support of fans in these cities are integral to the success and popularity of the league, ensuring that American football remains a beloved sport for years to come.

What City Doesnt Have A NFL Team?

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