What Does England Call American Football?




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Have you ever wondered what England calls American football? Well, let me enlighten you on this intriguing topic! In England, American football is commonly referred to as just that – American football. However, it’s important to note that the sport is often distinguished from soccer or association football to avoid any confusion.

When discussing American football in England, you’ll come across key terms such as NFL (National Football League), touchdown, quarterback, linebacker, Super Bowl, playoffs, and pigskin. These terms highlight the essence of the sport, its rules, teams, players, history, tactics, and equipment. So, if you’re in England and looking to engage in conversations about American football, remember to use the terminology that sets it apart from the beloved soccer, and you’ll be able to dive into exciting discussions about this thrilling game that captivates fans worldwide!

What Does England Call American Football?


If you’re an American football enthusiast living in England, or if you’re simply curious about the sport’s presence across the pond, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the popularity of American football in England, the differences in terminology, the rules and gameplay, the positions and players, the tactics and strategies, the equipment used, and even the highly anticipated Super Bowl. So let’s dive in and discover everything you need to know about American football in England!

American Football in England

The popularity of American Football in England

American football has gained a solid fan base in England throughout the years, attracting both die-hard fans and casual spectators. Although the sport may not rival the deep-rooted tradition of soccer, it has steadily grown in popularity, capturing the attention of sports enthusiasts across the country. The popularity of the NFL, the National Football League, has played a significant role in promoting American football in England.

American Football teams in England

England is home to various American football teams that provide opportunities for both competitive play and recreational enjoyment. The teams encompass a range of skill levels and age groups, ensuring that everyone can participate in the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner looking to join a team, there are ample opportunities to get involved and experience the thrill of American football in England.

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The history of American Football in England

The roots of American football in England can be traced back to the 1980s when the sport was introduced to the country. The first American football game in England was played in 1982 between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings. Since then, interest in the sport has steadily grown, with American football clubs and leagues forming across the country. Today, the history of American football in England is rich and vibrant, with a dedicated community of players and fans driving its continued growth.

Terminology Differences

Differences in terminology

While American football and soccer may share some similarities, there are also distinct differences in their terminology. For example, what Americans refer to as “American football,” the English may simply call “American football” or “gridiron football.” To avoid confusion with soccer, it is important to use the term “American football” when discussing the sport in England.

Common terms used in England for American Football

When discussing American football in England, it is helpful to understand some of the common terms used. For instance, a touchdown, which is worth 6 points, is often referred to as a “try” or a “score” in British English. The quarterback, the player who throws the ball, may be referred to as the “quarterback” or simply the “QB.” Other terms that may vary include “linebacker” (often called a “linebacker” or “LB”) and “pigskin” (a common colloquial term for the ball).


NFL popularity in England

The NFL has seen a surge in popularity in England, with an increasing number of fans tuning in to watch games and support their favorite teams. The league holds regular-season games in London, giving fans the opportunity to experience live NFL action in their own backyard. The popularity of the NFL in England has also been fueled by the availability of televised games and the growing presence of American football merchandise and apparel.

NFL teams in England

Although there are no NFL teams based in England, fans in the country have embraced teams from abroad as their own. Popular teams such as the New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Green Bay Packers have garnered dedicated followings among English fans. Many of these fans gather in sports bars or host watch parties to cheer on their favorite NFL teams as they compete on the field.

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American Football events in England

In addition to regular-season NFL games, England also hosts a variety of American football events throughout the year. These events range from youth tournaments and college showcases to high-profile international games. The presence of these events not only provides an opportunity for football enthusiasts to witness the sport in action, but it also contributes to the overall growth and development of American football in England.

What Does England Call American Football?

Rules and Gameplay

Differences in rules

While American football may share some fundamental principles with traditional English football (soccer), there are significant differences in the rules and gameplay. One key distinction is the use of the hands in American football, with players allowed to catch, throw, and carry the ball. In contrast, soccer players primarily use their feet to control and strike the ball. Other differences include the size and shape of the field, the scoring system, and the duration of the game.

Key gameplay elements in American Football

American football is a complex sport that involves a variety of gameplay elements. Some key elements include the touchdown, which is achieved when a player carries or catches the ball in the opposing team’s end zone, resulting in 6 points. The quarterback plays a crucial role in directing the offense and orchestrating plays, while the linebackers are responsible for defending against the opposing team’s offensive plays. Understanding these gameplay elements is essential for both players and fans of American football in England.

Positions and Players

Key positions in American Football

American football is a position-specific sport, with each player having a specific role to fulfill on the field. Some key positions include the quarterback, who is responsible for throwing the ball and orchestrating the offense, and the running back, who carries the ball and is often involved in both rushing and receiving plays. Other positions include the wide receivers, tight ends, offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties. Each position requires unique skills and contributions to the overall success of the team.

Famous American Football players from England

While American football may not be as popular in England as it is in the United States, there have been a few British-born players who have made a name for themselves in the sport. One notable example is Osi Umenyiora, a defensive end who played for the New York Giants and was a key contributor to the team’s Super Bowl victories. Umenyiora’s success has inspired other aspiring players from England, highlighting the potential for talent development in the country.

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What Does England Call American Football?

Tactics and Strategies

Defensive and offensive tactics in American Football

American football is a game of strategy and tactics, with teams implementing various defensive and offensive strategies to outwit their opponents. On the defensive side, tactics such as man-to-man coverage, zone coverage, and blitzing are commonly used to disrupt the opposing team’s plays and pressure the quarterback. Offensive tactics may involve running plays, passing plays, or trick plays to gain yardage and score points. Understanding these tactics and strategies is crucial for both players and fans to appreciate the complexity and excitement of American football.

Game strategies used in England

In England, American football teams employ a wide range of game strategies based on the team’s strengths and the opponent’s weaknesses. These strategies include both offensive and defensive plays designed to exploit openings in the opposing team’s defense or to counter their offensive game plan. Coaches and players spend countless hours analyzing film, studying opponents, and devising game plans to give their team the best chance of success on the field.


Essential equipment in American Football

American football is a physically demanding sport that requires players to wear a range of protective equipment. Some essential equipment includes a helmet, shoulder pads, thigh pads, knee pads, and cleats. These items provide necessary protection and support to players, helping to prevent injuries and ensure their safety while on the field.

Differences in equipment used in England

While the core equipment used in American football remains consistent across the globe, there may be slight differences in the brands, styles, and designs of the equipment used in England. Additionally, some players in England may have personal preferences in terms of equipment customization, such as personalized gloves or cleats. Regardless of these differences, the primary objective of the equipment remains the same – to provide safety and protection for the players.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl popularity in England

The Super Bowl, the annual championship game of the NFL, has garnered a significant following in England. The game is watched by millions of viewers in the country, both avid fans and casual enthusiasts alike. Many English fans host Super Bowl parties, complete with food, drinks, and friendly competition, as they gather to watch the game unfold. The Super Bowl has become a highly anticipated event on the British sporting calendar, showcasing the excitement and grandeur of American football.

Super Bowl parties and events in England

Super Bowl parties have become a cultural phenomenon in England, with fans taking the opportunity to come together and celebrate the sport. Sports bars and venues across the country screen the game, creating a festive atmosphere where fans can cheer on their favorite teams while enjoying food and drinks. Additionally, various events and promotions surrounding the Super Bowl are organized, adding to the excitement and engagement of the English audience.


American football has carved out a place for itself in the hearts of sports enthusiasts in England. With its unique rules, thrilling gameplay, and dedicated fan base, American football offers a distinct sporting experience that continues to captivate fans across the country. Whether you’re an avid player or a curious spectator, American football in England provides ample opportunities for involvement, appreciation, and celebration of this beloved sport. So, embrace the passion, grab a pigskin, and join the vibrant world of American football in England!

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