What Were The Original 6 NFL Teams?




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What were the original 6 NFL teams? If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the roots of American football, this question may have crossed your mind. So, let’s take a little journey back in time to explore the humble beginnings of this beloved sport. Understanding the history of the NFL can provide fascinating insights into its growth, evolution, and the teams that laid the groundwork for the modern game.

In the early stages of the NFL, there were six founding teams that set the stage for what would become a national phenomenon. Through determination, grit, and a love for the game, these teams forged the path for future generations of football greatness. These original six teams were the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Boston Redskins (now the Washington Football Team), Detroit Lions, and Portsmouth Spartans (later renamed the Detroit Lions). Each of these teams played an integral role in shaping the sport we know and love today. From thrilling touchdowns to hard-hitting linebackers, the essence of American football was born within the ranks of these historic franchises. So, next time you sit down to watch a Super Bowl or cheer on your favorite team in the playoffs, remember the pioneers who paved the way for the excitement and passion that fill the gridiron.

What Were The Original 6 NFL Teams?

What Were The Original 6 NFL Teams?


When it comes to American Football, understanding its roots and beginnings can give us a deeper appreciation for the sport. The National Football League (NFL), as we know it today, has a rich history that dates back to its early days. In this article, we will explore the origins of the NFL and delve into the formation of the original six teams that set the foundation for what would eventually become one of the most popular sports leagues in the world.

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Founding of the NFL

Before we delve into the original six teams, let’s take a moment to understand the founding of the NFL itself. The league was established in 1920, originally known as the American Professional Football Association (APFA). It was formed by a group of team owners from various cities across the United States who saw the potential and growing popularity of professional football.

What Were The Original 6 NFL Teams?

Formation of the Original 6 Teams

As the APFA underwent rebranding and transitioned into the NFL in 1922, the league initially consisted of 18 teams. However, over time, some teams disbanded, relocated, or merged with others. Out of this evolution emerged six teams that would be considered the original core of the NFL.

Team 1: Chicago Bears

One of the most iconic teams in NFL history, the Chicago Bears, founded as the Decatur Staleys in 1920, hold a special place in the league’s early days. Led by legendary coach George Halas, the franchise boasted talented players and went on to achieve great success, including multiple Super Bowl victories. The Bears have left an indelible mark on the NFL and have remained a prominent and adored team throughout the league’s history.

What Were The Original 6 NFL Teams?

Team 2: Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers, founded in 1919, are the oldest continually operating NFL franchise. This small-town team has managed to thrive and maintain a passionate fanbase throughout the years. The Packers have a storied history, with several NFL championships and four Super Bowl victories to their name. Their close connection to the community and unique ownership structure make them a beloved and intriguing team.

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Team 3: New York Giants

In the heart of the Big Apple, the New York Giants have been a staple of the NFL since its inception. Established in 1925, the Giants boast a rich history of success, with multiple Super Bowl victories and a long list of notable players who have donned the iconic blue and white uniforms. The Giants’ legacy and contributions to the league have made them one of the most illustrious teams in NFL history.

Team 4: Portsmouth Spartans

The Portsmouth Spartans, originally from Portsmouth, Ohio, joined the NFL in 1930. Although the team only lasted a few seasons before relocating to Detroit and becoming the Detroit Lions, they remain an integral part of the original six teams. The Spartans’ time in the NFL helped shape the landscape of professional football and contributed to the growth of the league.

Team 5: Boston Redskins

The Boston Redskins, founded in 1932, were a significant presence in the early years of the NFL. After several name changes and relocations, the team eventually settled in Washington, D.C., where they became the Washington Football Team. Throughout their history, the franchise has seen ups and downs but has always been a recognizable and respected member of the league.

Team 6: Staten Island Stapletons

Although their time in the NFL was short-lived, the Staten Island Stapletons played an important role in the formative years of the league. Founded in 1915, they joined the NFL in 1929 and participated in the league until 1932. Despite their brief existence, the Stapletons left an indelible mark on the NFL’s early history.

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As we look back on the origins of the NFL, it is fascinating to explore the formation of the original six teams. The Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Portsmouth Spartans, Boston Redskins, and Staten Island Stapletons all played significant roles in shaping the league we know today. Each team brought its unique character and legacy to the NFL, setting the stage for the growth and success of professional football in America. As fans, we owe a debt of gratitude to these original six teams for laying the foundation of what would become a sporting phenomenon.

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